Thursday, July 10, 2014

What is a Healer and More.

What is a Healer?  I feel some what uncomfortable when I hear the title myself.  I prefer Healing Facilitator. I think most of us  just  use the title Healer for the short version of Healing Facilitator or Holoistic Practitioner. Healers don't actually heal anybody, we facilitate healing.  It's the client who heals themselves.

Many  healers  know how to regulate their energy fields to facilitate healing in their clients. A  Healer completes their healers preperation by preparing their energy field by opening up all of their energy centers, aligning their hara , and expanding their core star.  There may be other rituals such as prayer and aligning with God, Spiritual guides & aligning for the highest good for the client. Then the healer resonates  their fields with the clients.  The clients field will take in energy & and reorganize their energy fields immediately.  The healers field being aligned the Universal Energy Field uplifts the clients field. We are helping the client remember their true state.  Their true state is an open & free flowing state of energy deeply connected to their Divinity.  A Healer holds this state for the client.  The clients field is intelligent  consciousness and will reorganize & repair itself.

There are many other energetic and healing techniques I learned at the Barbara Brenna School of Healing (BBSH),  but I'll talk more about that in another blog.

The tricky thing with healing is that a clients body and cells have a memory.   There is memory  in the energyfield and in every cell in the body.  Some workout enthusiast will  call this muscle memory.   After a healing, clients are in a deep state of healing for 24-48 hours, then a more subtle, integrated state of healing can last up to a week or two at most.   During this time of healing the clients energy field and body are reorienting itself, repairing and healing.  The client will feel subtlely different and their awarness will slowly shift.  After this time frame,  the client will shift back into the state that feels familar to them.    They begin blocking their energy again. They forget how to remain open & connected to their Divinity.

It's not to say that the client didn't make great strides in healing because they absolutely did.  They shifted subtly.  They are different now than before.  It's also not to say that miracles can't happen in one session, because they can but I feel this is  a rare occurrence.  However, it's quite normal for a client to revert back to old familar states of consciousness.  Their body remembers the old way of being.  They normally don't shift ALL the way  back to old patterns.

Most clients who seek Energy Healing and want to feel and see results in a particular area of their life  come for at least 12-18 sessions and come twice a month.  The  evenly spaced healing work allows for the client to fully integrate their previous healing without completly loosing the effects.  The following sessions become culmative.  Each sessions builds on the next.  The client begins holding the  effects of a session longer and longer and is able to live in a healthier state of being.  They become more conscious and aware of the belief systems  that are are keeping them unhealthy and start making changes that allow them to live a healthier life.

The Healer can only help the client as far as they are willing to  go and as far as their Energy Field  can hold the healing.  At first the client may not be able to hold much.  But as time goes by their field should grow stronger yet flexible with fluidity and free flow.   The client will be able to hold more and more healing work and  by the end of 18 sessions will likely have shifted significantly.  

A client that is ready to dive into their process with the positive intention to heal themselves can make great progress.  

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