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What To Expect in a Healing Session.

What to expect in a Healing session.
There is a healers preperation that I perform  before I see or lay my hands on any client. First, is a meditation then a checking in of  energy body and chakras. I do this by  I aligning my hara, chakras and energy consciousness field to make sure I'm in tune.    Second,  I  align with the Universal forces of light & universal energy field.   Third, I say a prayer to be a channel for love truth and healing in the name of The Divine and the universal forces of light.     

The next step in preparing for my client is  looking over the client's intake form. The client likely filled out  & signed the client intake form and I have already read over their information.  When I see the client  I will ask  why they have come to see me and what they would like to work on.  I might ask clarifying quesions about what they have written on their intake form to get clarity on the issues they are presenting.

After getting a good idea of why they came either I can the type of healing that best fits the client or the client may know what they want a choose a specific modality of healing.

 There are several types of healing sessions that I give.  I've trained at several schools.  I studied psychology at The University of North Florida, Energy Healing at The Barbara Brennan School,  Family Constellation Therapy at The Constellation Approach, Massage Therapy at Educating Hands School of Massage & Craniosacral Therapy at the Upledger Institute.    

For Family Constellation work & Brennan Integrated Sessions or BIP sessions a client will be talking about their presenting complaints in the  session while the energy work is resonating with the client.   For Brennan Healing Science they lie quietly fully clothed on a massage table while they are receiving energy work.    For massage the client will undress to their level of comfort then lie fully coverered with a blanket on the massage table.

After the session is over I ask the client take it easy for 24-48 hours.  I ask them to be gentle on themselves get lots of rest and liquids.  Most healing work  still continues to unfold long after the healing is over and it's best if the client stays in sacred mind set at least for 48 hours after.  I discourage drinking, drugs,  smoking, negative music, tv  shows,  low vibrational foods or beverages  during this time frame.   The healing will still continue to unfold for about a week, somtimes two after the healing work is complete. During this time frame it's common for subtle shifts to occur.

Some clients have deep issues they are working on and it takes time  & several sessions for the healing work to unfold and penetrate consciousness.  Other clients say  they are just coming in for a tune-up and good energy. I work at the level the client wants me to work at and we only go as deep as they want to go.  I will always challenge & support my clients to go deeper  but ultimately it's their decision.  Sometimes, there is a lot of laughter and play and sometimes there is pain being released through crying or movement.  In a session we go wherever the client wants to go and I encourage them to have their full expression of who they are.

A client leaves a session feeling more themselves and more alive.   In most cases clients leave a healing feeling very relaxed and open because they are in a very deep state of healing.   At this time I ask if the client would like to reschedule.  Some clients go from session to session and some clients buy  a series of sessions.  It's completely up to the client and there is no obligation to come more than the client feels they want to.

I normally ask first time clients to consider a series of sessions because sessions are culmative and it can take a bit of time to see results especially if they are working on a deep issue.  Most clients can feel the effects immediately after one session.  They normally say how relaxed, calm & peaceful they feel. I recommend between 2 evenly spaced sessions a month for a year. This allows time for clients to adjust, uncover & begin to heal deep wounds, old images &  unhelpful belief systems. This allows time for clients to see the value of how energy work can change their lives.   However, purchasing packages up front does not work for everyone and that is ok.  I do give a discount when a  series of 6, 12, or 18 sessions is bought. It's for those who are wanting to save a little bit of money and know they want to come back.  You can Save 5% when buyin 6, save 10% when buying 12, and save 15% when buying 18 sessions.

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